Frequently Asked Questions

Can I preview items before I place a bid?  

Yes - We encourage you to preview items before placing a bid.  Preview is by appointment - Call 765-730-2612.

What is a buyer premium?

The buyer premium is a set percentage added to the end of an invoice.  For instance if the buyer premium is 18% and your purchase price is $100.00 then your total for the sale is $118.00 plus tax.

Can my items be shipped to me?

Yes - We can package and ship all items to the address that has been verified with the credit card during registration. We may require some items to be insured prior to shipping.  We will not ship to PO Boxes or non verified addresses. We will only ship Jewelry to verified addresses within the U.S.

We do our best to keep shipping cost low for you.  We charge for packaging material plus a minimum of $5.00 for handling.  Specialty items that require more time to package and more material will be charged accordingly.  Please contact us in advance if you have questions on shipping.

Can I have another person pickup my items?

Yes - We ask that you reply to the email that you received from us with the invoice attached, state in the reply who will be picking up the items and the day and time they will be picking up the items.

What happens when I drop off items to be auctioned?

You are assigned a consignor number and your items are tagged with your consignor number.  Items are listed within the Mr Bid Auctions computer program by consignor number.  When items sell, the computer program subtracts the commissions and let's us know the amount to pay each consignor.  You will be emailed documents showing the amount each item sold for and the total to be paid minus fees.  Your check will be mailed to you within a few days of the completed auction(s).  Call or text Owner / Auctioneer Troy McElfresh for more information at 765-730-2612.  

What happens if my items don't sell at auction?

You decide what happens to your item(s).  You can choose to have the item(s) returned to you or typically items that did not sell in the first auction are combined and listed as one lot in another auction.  If the item(s) do not sell in the 2nd auction they are usually donated to charity.