Mr Bid Auctions leverages the power of the internet to market auction items.  

Appraisal Services: 

We offer customized services to executors, attorneys, financial planners, as well as to private clients. We conduct appraisals of tangible personal property for estate, gift, and insurance purposes. We are pleased to consult on property of all price ranges, and sizes. From a single item to an entire collection. 

Types of Auctions:

You’ve found the right business to sell your property at auction – Mr Bid Auctions, LLC.  Every auction company will sell your property, but will they market it the way it needs to be?  We do – We use the power of the internet and social media to reach the largest audience possible.  We put your property at the center of our business.

You can choose the traditional live auction method, the modern online timed auction or we can use both methods by boosting your live auction with prebids from the online method.  No matter what method(s) you choose for the auction, you will be glad to know that we harness the power of social media as part of the marketing strategy.

Our Auctions are individualized to meet your specific needs and they are highly professional.  Our strategy brings buyers together for competitive bidding on your property. Our photography, marketing methods and online listings are sure to impress you. 

Additionally, you gain an edge with our personal property auctions, because we offer the winning bidder the option of  picking up the property in person or we offer shipping.

  • Commercial Liquidation Auctions
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Estates Auctions
  • Fundraising Auctions
  • Consignment Auctions
  • Downsizing Auctions


Marketing is a big part of the auction business!  If you want to obtain the highest return for the property, doesn’t it make sense to go with an auction company that markets your goods? We market using a variety of methods including: – We started our business in January 2016 after Troy retired from the Indiana State Police.  As of 2/10/2018 our Google analytics indicate that we’ve had over 22.950 users on our website with over 359,768 page views since January 2016.  The  average time on our site is over 5 minutes 36 Seconds per user. – Auction Guy is a website that advertises auctions as well as makes it easy to promote and share them on many other websites. – is comprised of auction companies from the United States, Canada, and around the world. Our customers auction just about every type of asset you could imagine. - Indiana.hibid is comprised of auctioneers that conduct auctions in the state of Indiana. - comprised of auctioneers that conduct auctions - The nations largest online marketplace.
Facebook – With 1.44  billion active monthly users - it would be crazy not to advertise on Facebook
Email List – Over 650 have elected to receive emails

After the Sale:

Payment – Although the law provides for payments to occur within 30 days, we typically pay our consignors within a week or two after the auction ends.

Items not sold -  It’s up to the seller to decide what they want done with items that do not sell.  We suggest bundling the items for the next auction or donating them to charity.  

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Please Bid Responsibly - Don't Bid and Drive